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  • Pool Play Games (at least 4)
  • Cash Prizes for Top Four Teams
  • Social Events FRI & SAT Night, SUN
  • Competitive Kickball
  • Post-Game Festivities

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Compete with the Best in Harrisburg!

The Pennsylvania  Kickball Classic (#PAKC) is a Circuit Event open to kickball teams from all over the world. Teams do not have to be invited nor otherwise qualify in order to take part in the tournament – any kickball team can register to play. The only requirements are that teams must field 10 players with at least 4 female members, and all team members must be at least 21 yrs or older on the day of the tournament. 

Team Qualification for the Circuit Cup Championship
By competing in this tournament you will have a chance to qualify for The Circuit Cup Championship in San Antonio for $10,000!

Who is allowed to enter?
Circuit Events are open to kickball teams and players from ANY Kickball League. Teams do not have to be invited to compete on a Circuit Event on the National Tour. 

Team/Player Roster Requirements
Teams must field 10 players. Team Players must be at least 21 yrs or older on the day of the tournament. Teams must have at least four (4) females on the field at all times.

Registration Fees 
Players are required to register individually. The per player rate is determined by the local team and announced up to ninety (90) days in advance.

What to expect at this event?
When attending this event you should expect a few things: an awesome time, a chance to meet a lot of kickballers from across the country, the toughest competition in the sport, and parties on both FRI and SAT nights! 

What Rules are used for this kickball tournament?
The Official Kickball365 Circuit Rulebook is used for this event. You can view the rule book here. 

Questions? E-Mail Us.
Please let us know if you need us to answer a question about this Circuit Event. You can reach us by emailing info@kickball365.com. 
What is The Circuit?
The Circuit is a series of open tournament events supported by Kickball365 to bring together the ultimate competitive adult kickball teams in America. Kickball365 is not your daddy’s country club. We are the home for kickball competition in America. The Circuit is the only national, professional tour of top-flight, competitive kickball tournaments. Our tournaments are one-of-a-kind vacation experiences where any team can compete to win over $20,000 in cash prizes.

What is The National Tour of The Circuit?
The National Tour is the series of Circuit Events held in a given year, in which registered teams compete for Circuit Points. The Circuit Scoring System (CSS) awards points to registered Circuit teams to determine eligibility for the Circuit Cup Championship and prizewinners for the year-long CSS Standings. The National Tour is divided into two segments – The Circuit Events themselves and the Circuit Cup Championship. This event is one of those events.

Are there other events on the National Tour?
Yes, but since you're here we'd love to see you compete at this event. However, if your schedule won't allow it find the full schedule of The Circuit here.

What is the Circuit Championship Weekend?
At the end of the National Tour, the Circuit Teams that qualify will compete in the Kickball365 Circuit Cup Championship. The Circuit Cup Championship offers registered Circuit Teams a chance to compete for a prize pool of awards and cash over $19,000, with the top eight (8) teams receiving prize money. 

What Scoring System is used?
The Circuit Scoring System (CSS) is used to reward the performance of registered teams at Circuit Events - like this one! We do this in order to establish the pool of eligible competitive adult kickball teams in America for the Circuit Cup Championship. Click here to view the CSS Formula.

Want to learn more?
Discover more by browsing the official Structure of The Circuit document.


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